Parents Orientation

Dear Parents, we understand that due to the current global situation you may have many doubts around the upcoming semester. You can find all the information available at the moment down below.

1- Current situation in France

France has just entered a new phase of its "deconfinement" and is preparing for a return to normal life if the health conditions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic do not worsen. Since 15 June, France has lifted all restrictions on movement within its internal European borders. France will also gradually open its Schengen external borders starting from July 1st 2020. This opening will be gradual and will vary according to the health situation in the various countries, and in accordance with the procedures that will have been agreed at the European level.

In addition, it was confirmed that international students will be authorized, whatever their country of origin, to come to France to study and will be welcomed in a facilitated manner. Their applications for visas and residence permits will be treated as a priority.

(Sources : Press release by M Le Drian and M Castaner, 12 June 2020 and Campus France )

2- Organization of the fall semester 2020

Higher education institutions received a circular from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation on June 11th concerning the preparation of the start of the fall semester 2020. This document gives us guidelines and advice on how to welcome students and staff in the best possible conditions.

Concerning the organization of the start of the fall semester 2020 at ESC Clermont Business School, and in accordance with the recommendations of this circular, it has been decided to put in place a number of barrier measures to reduce the risks on the health and safety of all users and to avoid a new pandemic wave in France:

  • Maintaining physical distance,
  • Wear of the mask by everyone when the rules of physical distancing cannot be guaranteed,
  • The application of barrier gestures,
  • The limitation of circulating users,
  • Cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment,
  • The supply of soap and single-use paper to handwashing stations,
  • Communication, information and training for students and staff available in multiple languages.

In order to ensure that these measures will be respected, ESC Clermont Business School is currently working on the organization of its courses and spaces (cafeteria, coworking areas, infolab,...). It has also been decided that during the first weeks, or even months of the fall semester 2020, ESC Clermont's courses will be organized on a hybrid system mixing face-to-face courses (in compliance with health regulations) and distance learning. The idea is to reduce the overcrowding of our premises by reorganizing our pedagogy while guaranteeing the quality of our teaching.

3- Special measures for international students

In addition to all measures applicable to all users of ESC Clermont Business School, special attention will be given to international students studying at ESC Clermont as part of an exchange with a partner institution or on an individual basis. For this purpose, the international team is currently working on the digitalization of all administrative procedures (administrative registration, orientation session, visit of the School, ...) and is available to answer all students' questions.

Furthermore, as already confirmed by our institution in April 2020, for international students, all courses taught at ESC Clermont will be available in both face-to-face and distance learning in order to allow students who cannot come to our school at the beginning of the academic year to be regularly enrolled in our programs. This solution will apply until the students are allowed to come physically to the School (reopening of borders, visa, ...) and, in the worst-case scenario, for the whole semester.

4- Starting dates of the fall 2020

An online orientation session will be offered to international students prior to the start of classes. The dates for the orientation sessions were originally scheduled for September 1 and 2 and September 16 and 17. Please note that these dates are subject to change due to the fact that the orientation sessions will eventually be scheduled online.

The start dates for the courses are as follows:

  • Bachelor 1st year program: Thursday, September 10, 2020
  • Bachelor 2nd year program: Thursday, September 3, 2020
  • Bachelor 3rd year and exchange students enrolled in our Bachelor program: Monday, September 21, 2020
  • 4th year Bachelor / 1st year Master in Management: Friday, September 4, 2020
  • Master in Management program last year (2nd year): Monday, September 21, 2020
  • MSc Programs: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Our School is closely following the evolution of the current pandemic and will keep you informed of any changes or evolution of the measures considered for the next semester.


We remain at your disposal for any further information.
The international team of ESC Clermont Business School