Virtual Orientation

ESC Clermont orientation for the year 2020-2021 is moving online, due to COVID-19. While we will miss seeing you in person, we have created an online and remote program for the orientation that includes all of the information you would have received in-person and so much more! We know you are excited to get started, and we are excited to help you transition to ESC Clermont. We know that this is not the ESC Clermont experience you thought you would have, but we promise to make the most of it!
Check out our email sent to all students on August 25!

Stay informed and connected

Information has been sent to you about your orientation. Please continue to check your ESC Clermont email for updates. We will continue to keep students informed of the new school year as information becomes available. You can also follow us on Facebook (@escclermontinternational) or monitor our website for information and updates.

Families & Supporters
Encourage your students to continue to check their email for important updates. If you have questions about the upcoming year please check our Parents Orientation Page, you will find it in the same link sent to our students for their virtual orientation.

For ESC Clermont BS updates on the Coronoavirus/COVID-19, please visit ESC Clermont BS’s page.


What is this orientation about?

ESC Clermont designed this orientation to enrich your New Student experience by organizing activities to help you begin your academic and personal journey at ESC Clermont. Through this course, you will explore your school and career goals, interact with the international office, and learn about relevant ESC Clermont systems and resources.

When will this orientation be available for me to access?

Students should have received a Welcome message from our office on August 25. The full orientation experience will be open to students and families from September 1st.

Do I pay for this orientation?

No, this experience is offered to you as part of your attendance at ESC Clermont.

Is attendance required at specific dates and times?

Although most of the class is asynchronous, meaning it does not have to happen at the same time and place, some live sessions will happen at specific, scheduled times. These times will be scheduled and sent to students as their orientation date approaches. If you weren’t able to attend the live sessions they will be recorded and uploaded to our Youtube channel so you can watch them later.

How can I connect to the orientation?

Check out our email sent to all students on August 31st, you will find a link that will take you to the orientation website. Once on the website you will have an overview of the whole orientation, a campus tour and many other useful information. Click on the Virtual Orientation tab and register to connect to your orientation. You will find 6 different booths, each with an specific topic of your orientation.


General FAQ

What is the difference between virtual ESC Clermont and the in-person ESC Clermont experience?

Our virtual orientation will resemble the in-person ESC Clermont experience in multiple ways. All of the sessions you would have been able to attend in-person will be available as dynamic presentations. You can review these presentations and have access to other digital resources at any time. You will also get the opportunity to chat with members of our international office and other new students in a virtual small group format where you will be able to ask any questions on a regular basis. There will also be opportunities to attend live sessions or watch the recorded versions with school service representatives.

What if I have never been to campus before? When am I able to visit?

As the  School continues to make decisions on when staff, students, and faculty are able to return to campus and assume normal operations, we will communicate that with you and share options for visiting the campus.

What if I am in Clermont, but don’t have an internet connection?

If you have  already arrived  and haven’t had a chance to get an internet connection, resources will be available at the school.  You will need to send us an email, explaining your case so we can assign you a day and a time for you to come to the school to work on your virtual orientation.

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